Show Appreciation for Beer Yeast

It would be right to show appreciation for beer yeast since it is the beginning of what we drink during late night conversations with friends. Belgian beer like Stella Artois and Hoegarden are some of the best beer around. There is indeed nothing like drinking all the beer you can with your favorite people.


However, it would be best to remember where beer originated. Some countries have nice beer while we would rather forget some of them. You don’t have to drink the same beer as others because you can always order what you want. Beer may taste a little weird and that’s because they originated from something you would not even think of. It is alright because the taste is so good you won’t even think of asking where they originated. There are mixologists who would mix beer up with fruits and even ice cream. The result would vary on the person who tastes it.

A lot of people hang out at bars during weeknights in order to drink and meet someone. They could accomplish just one of those goals but they would really be happy if they accomplish both. If they meet someone they like then they could end up in a place they highly favor. Of course, that would depend if the person they meet is with someone or not. Some people go there just to drink and vent out frustration on what happened in the office on the same day. It is apparent they could release their anger by drinking a lot of alcohol.

Remember, don’t drink too much alcohol because you might end up going to jail because of DUI. It is one of the most common offenses young people commit. They enjoy partying too much and end up drinking a lot of alcohol. You can’t blame them for that because it is what they do during the weekend. It is a good thing there are low calorie beers. Some beers really make you fat and they make you dizzy too. In order to take out the dizziness, you must eat a lot of carbs like rice and pasta and that will make you fat especially when it is already late at night. When it is late, your digestion system is also half asleep so it won’t digest much of what you eat. This is why some people would rather not eat dinner. The before 6 diet even became famous because of that. It is the diet where you should not eat anything when it is already past 6 pm.


Unfortunately, the effects of hard liquor like vodka, Johnny walker and tequila are graver. They would make sure you end up on your back in the middle of the bar and not wake up the next day. You will also not remember what happened because of its hard effects on your brain. This is why it would be better to avoid this and to just go for beer. It is impossible to feel tipsy after gulping down 2 bottles of beer. In fact, it would even be okay to drink a bucket of beer by yourself. There are some countries whose beer is so good that some travelers make it a point to visit them when they go backpacking. It would be a big mistake to skip Germany and its beer because they have beer that is so good that you will end up forgetting your name. Their beers have names that are hard to pronounce though so you may want to ask the bartender about that.